• Mrs Alison Ruff
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Sports Grant

Congerstone Primary School receives approximately £8500 from the government as part of the Sport Premium initiative. This sum of money is ring fenced and is to be spent by school on ‘improving the quality of sport and PE’. OFSTED will review how effectively this premium is used towards the given objectives and as a school we will be held accountable for how we have spent this money.

At Congerstone Primary School, we believe there is a sport out there for everyone and by inspiring each other to achieve success,we aim to help each child find a sport that suits their personality; challenging themselves to participate or compete in different events and move out of their comfort zone.

At Congerstone Primary School we aim to ensure;

  • Children have access to high quality PE lessons which develop,  fitness, stamina, health and wellbeing
  • Children know and apply skills across the disciplines in sport and can swim at least 25 meters by Year 6
  • Children have the opportunity to participate in sport beyond the curriculum
  • Children have the opportunity to take part in festivals and competitions
  • Children enjoy sport and physical activity
  • Staff have access to quality training that ensures the quality of PE lessons and teaching
  • Our curriculum offers opportunities for children to develop the knowledge and understanding of what makes a healthy life style